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KING-TAN Tantalum Industry Ltd.founded in April 2002, integrates the exploration, mining, processing and trade of tantalum, niobium, and other rare metal mineral resources. Our major business involves the processing and trade of tantalum and niobium products, the processing of rare metals and their alloys, the exploration and mining of mineral resources, the recycling development and investment of scrap metals.


Headquartered in Shishi Industrial Zone, Yifeng County Industrial Park, adjacent to the No.320 National Highway, KING-TAN boasts 30 million RMB of registered capital, 102.44 million RMB of total assets, over 136,000 square meters of floor space, and 50,000-odd square meters of construction area. KING-TAN now has 5 tantalum and niobium production lines, involving 400 tons of high-purity and super high-purity niobium oxide, 300 tons of niobium oxide, 30 tons of niobium carbide, 100 tons of high-purity and super high-purity tantalum oxide, 250 tons of tantalum oxide, 90 tons of tantalum powder, 30 tons of tantalum carbide, 300 tons of potassium fluotantalate, 300 tons of Nb-Fe, various specifications of ultra-thin tantalum and niobium oxide and carbide, FeMo, FeV, and Fe-Si.


KING-TAN obtained ISO9001 in November 2003, and ISO9001:2008 at the end of 2009. In May 2004, KING-TAN was awarded self-managed import and export right by Jiangxi Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department. In October 2005, KING-TAN became a formal member of Tantalum-Niobium International Center (TIC).


KING-TAN has exploration and mining rights of tantalum, niobium and other rare metal mineral resources, and the export right of minerals in Ethiopia. KING-TAN is now conducting Phase II exploration and mining to provide a stable raw material guarantee for its sustainable development.


KING-TAN is committed to the balance between industrial development and ecological environment. KING-TAN is the first of its kind to improve environmental facilities, with the standard of “Three Wastes” emission superior to other standards. Our new plant area has spent huge sums in building an eco-friendly enterprise. In addition, to save resources and benefit the society, KING-TAN is committed to the recovery and comprehensive utilization of “Three Wastes” and scrap metals, contributing to the social environmental cause.