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Notice of Invitation for Bid Proposals on Equipment Purchase of King-tan Tantalum Industry Expansion Project

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I. Overview

Jiangxi King-tan Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Yifeng County Industrial Park of Jiangxi neighboring National Highway 320, covering an area of more than 200 mu and an established area of 66.03 mu. The company specializes in the smelting and deep-processing of tantalum and niobium.


II. Project Name and Location

1. Project Name: Equipment Purchase for Expansion Project of Jiangxi King-tan Tantalum Industry Expansion Project Co., Ltd.

2. Project Location: Shishi Industrial Park, Yifeng County, Jiangxi

III. Equipment List

The bid is mainly aimed to purchase the following equipment to be used in production plants of high-purity tantalum and niobium oxides.

1. Decomposer

2. Extraction Equipment and Extraction Flow Control Equipment

3. Filter Press for Washing Purposes

4. Automatic Pure Water Heating, and Water and Reagents Adding Control System

5. Microwave Drying System

6. Double-pipe Tunnel Pusher Furnace

7. Industrial-purpose High-purity Water Making System


IV. Contact

Mr. Huang 86-795-2945606 13970525889

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